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Game.of.Thrones.Complete.Series.Season. (Size: 40.9 GB)
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S01E02.The.Kingsroad.720p.English (Forced).srt 77 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S01E03.Lord.Snow.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.3 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S01E06.A.Golden.Crown.720p.English (Forced).srt 134 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S01E07.You.Win.or.You.Die.720p.English (Forced).srt 3.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S01E08.The.Pointy.End.720p.English (Forced).srt 3.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S01E09.Baelor.720p.English (Forced).srt 2.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S01E10.Fire.and.Blood.720p.English (Forced).srt 599 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S02E01.The.North.Remembers.720p.English (Forced).srt 642 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S02E02.The.Night.Lands.720p.English (Forced).srt 620 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S02E04.Garden.of.Bones.720p.English (Forced).srt 473 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S02E05.The.Ghost.Of.Harrenhal.720p.English (Forced).srt 822 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S02E10.Valar.Morghulis.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S03E01.Valar.Dohaeris.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S03E03.Walk.of.Punishment.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.3 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S03E04.And.Now.His.Watch.Is.Ended.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/ (Forced).srt 1.3 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S03E06.The.Climb.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S03E07.The.Bear.and.the.Maiden.Fair.720p.English (Forced).srt 273 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S03E08.Second.Sons.720p.English (Forced).srt 301 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S03E09.The.Rains.of.Castamere.720p.English (Forced).srt 167 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S03E10.Mhysa.720p.English (Forced).srt 872 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S04E01.Two.Swords.720p.English (Forced).srt 312 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S04E03.Breaker.of.Chains.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.8 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S04E04.Oathkeeper.720p.English (Forced).srt 2.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S04E06.The.Laws.of.Gods.and.Men.720p.English (Forced).srt 825 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S04E08.The.Mountain.and.the.Viper.720p.English (Forced).srt 393 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S04E10.The.Children.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.0 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S05E01.The.Wars.To.Come.720p.English (Forced).srt 439 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S05E02.The.House.Of.Black.And.White.720p.English (Forced).srt 2.4 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S05E03.High.Sparrow.720p.English (Forced).srt 884 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S05E04.Sons.Of.The.Harpy.720p.English (Forced).srt 59 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S05E05.Kill.The.Boy.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S05E08.Hardhome.720p.English (Forced).srt 65 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S05E09.The.Dance.Of.Dragons.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S05E10.Mother's.Mercy.720p.English (Forced).srt 412 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S06E01.The.Red.Woman.720p.English (Forced).srt 5.9 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S06E03.Oathbreaker.720p.English (Forced).srt 2.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S06E04.Book.of.the.Stranger.720p.English (Forced).srt 8.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S06E05.The.Door.720p.English (Forced).srt 410 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S06E06.Blood.of.My.Blood.720p.English (Forced).srt 1.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S06E08.No.One.720p.English (Forced).srt 378 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S06E09.Battle.of.the.Bastards.720p.English (Forced).srt 232 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S07E02.Stormborn.720p.English (Forced).srt 732 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S07E03.The.Queens.Justice.720p.English (Forced).srt 188 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S07E04.The.Spoils.Of.War.720p.English (Forced).srt 118 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English For Non-English Dialogue/GoT.S07E05.Eastwatch.720p.English (Forced).srt 138 bytes
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 43.8 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 44.0 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 57.8 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/GoT.S01E04.Cripples,.Bastards, 60.0 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 59.0 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 45.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 58.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 52.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 53.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 45.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 54.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 58.3 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 48.8 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 49.3 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 60.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 55.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 58.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 58.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 47.0 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 49.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 50.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/GoT.S03E02.Dark.Wings, 59.4 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 53.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 55.3 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 62.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 51.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 55.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 44.8 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 43.4 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 60.0 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 59.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 49.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 58.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 47.3 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 49.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 49.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 52.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 51.4 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 35.9 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 46.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 44.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 54.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 56.9 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 43.0 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 45.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 44.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 50.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 48.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 37.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/GoT.S05E10.Mother' 40.8 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 37.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 38.9 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 41.9 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 57.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 48.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 44.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 47.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 49.3 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 38.9 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 45.8 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 51.1 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 55.0 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 69.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 33.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 49.6 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 48.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 62.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 40.8 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 51.4 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 12.2 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 58.5 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 31.7 KB
  English Subs (SRT)/English/ 34.5 KB
  Info.txt 1.7 KB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E01.Winter.Is.Coming.720p.mkv 723.9 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E02.The.Kingsroad.720p.mkv 650.0 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E03.Lord.Snow.720p.mkv 631.4 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E04.Cripples,.Bastards,.and.Broken.Things.720p.mkv 603.0 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E05.The.Wolf.and.the.Lion.720p.mkv 608.1 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E06.A.Golden.Crown.720p.mkv 564.2 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E07.You.Win.or.You.Die.720p.mkv 633.2 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E08.The.Pointy.End.720p.mkv 646.2 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E09.Baelor.720p.mkv 623.8 MB
  Season 1/GoT.S01E10.Fire.and.Blood.720p.mkv 537.2 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E01.The.North.Remembers.720p.mkv 479.3 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E02.The.Night.Lands.720p.mkv 486.3 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E03.What.Is.Dead.May.Never.Die.720p.mkv 447.7 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E04.Garden.of.Bones.720p.mkv 467.5 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E05.The.Ghost.of.Harrenhal.720p.mkv 542.4 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E06.The.Old.Gods.And.The.New.720p.mkv 554.5 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E07.A.Man.Without.Honor.720p.mkv 500.0 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E08.The.Prince.of.Winterfell.720p.mkv 505.5 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E09.Blackwater.720p.mkv 495.0 MB
  Season 2/GoT.S02E10.Valar.Morghulis.720p.mkv 599.2 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E01.Valar.Dohaeris.720p.mkv 512.7 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E02.Dark.Wings,.Dark.Words.720p.mkv 634.4 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E03.Walk.of.Punishment.720p.mkv 523.3 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E04.And.Now.His.Watch.Is.Ended.720p.mkv 521.4 MB
  Season 3/ 537.1 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E06.The.Climb.720p.mkv 513.6 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E07.The.Bear.and.the.Maiden.Fair.720p.mkv 566.7 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E08.Second.Sons.720p.mkv 489.2 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E09.The.Rains.of.Castamere.720p.mkv 447.4 MB
  Season 3/GoT.S03E10.Mhysa.720p.mkv 543.1 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E01.Two.Swords.720p.mkv 612.6 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E02.The.Lion.and.The.Rose.720p.mkv 635.7 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E03.Breaker.of.Chains.720p.mkv 492.7 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E04.Oathkeeper.720p.mkv 520.4 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E05.First.of.His.Name.720p.mkv 503.0 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E06.The.Laws.of.Gods.and.Men.720p.mkv 430.2 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E07.Mockingbird.720p.mkv 449.1 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E08.The.Mountain.and.the.Viper.720p.mkv 483.3 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E09.The.Watchers.on.the.Wall.720p.mkv 531.8 MB
  Season 4/GoT.S04E10.The.Children.720p.mkv 636.5 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E01.The.Wars.To.Come.720p.mkv 467.1 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E02.The.House.Of.Black.And.White.720p.mkv 581.0 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E03.High.Sparrow.720p.mkv 522.0 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E04.Sons.Of.The.Harpy.720p.mkv 535.7 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E05.Kill.The.Boy.720p.mkv 463.0 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E06.Unbowed.Unbent.Unbroken.720p.mkv 526.0 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E07.The.Gift.720p.mkv 554.9 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E08.Hardhome.720p.mkv 656.5 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E09.The.Dance.Of.Dragons.720p.mkv 673.2 MB
  Season 5/GoT.S05E10.Mother's.Mercy.720p.mkv 601.0 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E01.The.Red.Woman.720p.mkv 568.9 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E02.Home.720p.mkv 438.8 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E03.Oathbreaker.720p.mkv 416.6 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E04.Book.of.the.Stranger.720p.mkv 508.3 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E05.The.Door.720p.mkv 568.9 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E06.Blood.of.My.Blood.720p.mkv 486.5 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E07.The.Broken.Man.720p.mkv 538.4 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E08.No.One.720p.mkv 539.5 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E09.Battle.of.the.Bastards.720p.mkv 667.8 MB
  Season 6/GoT.S06E10.The.Winds.of.Winter.720p.mkv 541.0 MB
  Season 7/GoT.S07E01.Dragonstone.720p.mkv 593.5 MB
  Season 7/GoT.S07E02.Stormborn.720p.mkv 565.4 MB
  Season 7/GoT.S07E03.The.Queens.Justice.720p.mkv 643.8 MB
  Season 7/GoT.S07E04.The.Spoils.Of.War.720p.mkv 660.1 MB
  Season 7/GoT.S07E05.Eastwatch.720p.mkv 601.1 MB
  Season 7/GoT.S07E06.Beyond.The.Wall.720p.mkv 968.2 MB
  Season 7/GoT.S07E07.The.Dragon.And.The.Wolf.720p.mkv 832.8 MB
  Season 8/GoT.S08E01.Winterfell.720p.mkv 537.0 MB
  Season 8/GoT.S08E02.A.Knight.of.the.Seven.Kingdoms.720p.mkv 499.1 MB
  Season 8/GoT.S08E03.The.Long.Night.720p.mkv 864.3 MB
  Season 8/GoT.S08E04.The.Last.of.the.Starks.720p.mkv 688.1 MB
  Season 8/GoT.S08E05.The.Bells.720p.mkv 935.6 MB
  Season 8/GoT.S08E06.The.Iron.Throne.720p.mkv 753.6 MB

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