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Dan Gibson's Solitudes (Full Discography) 214 CDs on Rapidshare (Size: 50.4 KB)
  Links/Volume 03; Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific Coast (1981).url 200 bytes
  Links/The Best Of Solitudes - 20th Anniversary Collection (2001).url 193 bytes
  Links/Volume 11; National Parks and Sanctuaries Edition (1987).url 191 bytes
  Links/Call Of The Loon - A Surround Sound Experience (2006).url 188 bytes
  Links/Volume 04; Niagara Falls, The Gorge and Glen (1982).url 186 bytes
  Links/Silver Anniversary Collection (Solitudes 25) (2006).url 186 bytes
  Links/Echoes in the Glen; Celtic Aires & Ballads (2006).url 184 bytes
  Links/Thunderstorm - A Surround Sound Experience (2004).url 184 bytes
  Links/Natural Relaxation; Music For Your Health (2000).url 183 bytes
  Links/Windsong (Wind Chimes in a Gentle Breeze) (2002).url 183 bytes
  Links/Central Park A Peaceful Oasis In The City (2006).url 183 bytes
  Links/Pacific Grace; Spirit of the Killer Whale (2000).url 183 bytes
  Links/Strauss Waltzes - In Concert With The Sea (1993).url 183 bytes
  Links/Mellow; Relaxation for a New Generation (2003).url 181 bytes
  Links/T'ai Chi (Music for Wellness) (2006).url 181 bytes
  Links/Songbirds - A Surround Sound Experience (2007).url 181 bytes
  Links/Nature's Relaxing Sounds; Tropical Rain Forest.url 181 bytes
  Links/Illumination; Peaceful Gregorian Chants (2007).url 181 bytes
  Links/Oceansurf - A Surround Sound Experience (2006).url 181 bytes
  Links/Mountain Sunrise; Peaceful Pan Flutes (1999).url 179 bytes
  Links/Tahiti (Voices of Paradise) (2008).url 179 bytes
  Links/Guitarscapes - The Best Of Solitudes (2008).url 178 bytes
  Links/Volume 07; Night in A Southern Swamp (1987).url 178 bytes
  Links/H2O - A Solitudes Ambient Experience (2008).url 178 bytes
  Links/Appalachian Mountain Suite (1994).url 178 bytes
  Links/Pianoscapes - The Best Of Solitudes (2008).url 177 bytes
  Links/Nature's Glory; Inspirational Hymns (1999).url 177 bytes
  Links/Volume 06; Storm On Wilderness Lake (1981).url 177 bytes
  Links/Volume 08; Sailing To A Hidden Cove (1984).url 177 bytes
  Links/Emerald Forest; A Celtic Sanctuary (1999).url 176 bytes
  Links/Santorini Splendor (Gentle World) (2006).url 175 bytes
  Links/Ocean Surf - Timeless And Sublime (1995).url 175 bytes
  Links/Echoes of Nature; American Wilds (1999).url 174 bytes
  Links/Wildlife Identification By Sound (2000).url 174 bytes
  Links/Fountain Of Youth (Nature's Spa) (2001).url 174 bytes
  Links/Yoga at Dawn; Music For Wellness (2005).url 174 bytes
  Links/Sunshowers; Solo Classical Piano (2000).url 174 bytes
  Links/Volume 01; By canoe to loon lake (1981).url 174 bytes
  Links/Volume 02; The Sound of The Surf (1981).url 174 bytes
  Links/Niagara Falls (A Natural Wonder) (2004).url 174 bytes
  Links/Lullabies From Nature's Nursery (2003).url 173 bytes
  Links/America's Great National Parks (2008).url 172 bytes
  Links/Heavenly Hawaii (Gentle World) (2007).url 172 bytes
  Links/Beethoven - Forever By The Sea (1997).url 172 bytes
  Links/Angelsong by the Sea (2003).url 172 bytes
  Links/Volume 12; Listen To The Loons (1988).url 172 bytes
  Links/Thunderstorm In The Wilderness (1995).url 172 bytes
  Links/Celtic Reverie (Gentle World) (2003).url 171 bytes
  Links/Grand Canyon - Natural Wonder (1998).url 171 bytes
  Links/Frog Song - Wildlife & Nature (2003).url 171 bytes
  Links/Canada From Sunrise To Sunset (2006).url 171 bytes
  Links/Shorelines - Classical Guitar (1999).url 171 bytes
  Links/Volume 05; Dawn on the Desert (1982).url 171 bytes
  Links/Pachelbel; Forever by the Sea (1995).url 171 bytes
  Links/Tibetan Wonder (Gentle World) (2003).url 171 bytes
  Links/Wild Wolf - Mysterious Beauty (2002).url 171 bytes
  Links/Native Spirit (Gentle World) (2003).url 170 bytes
  Links/Debussy (Forever by the Sea) (2002).url 170 bytes
  Links/Natural Wonders of the World (2009).url 170 bytes
  Links/African Glory (Gentle World) (2007).url 170 bytes
  Links/Volume 10; Tradewind Islands (1985).url 170 bytes
  Links/Andean Dreams (Gentle World) (2004).url 170 bytes
  Links/Mozart - Forever by the Sea (1998).url 169 bytes
  Links/Discovering The Wild World (1999).url 168 bytes
  Links/Walking Through The Forest (1980).url 168 bytes
  Links/Natural Stress Relief 2 II (1998).url 168 bytes
  Links/Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2002).url 168 bytes
  Links/The English Country Garden (2000).url 168 bytes
  Links/Home - Peaceful Bluegrass (2007).url 167 bytes
  Links/Bach - Forever By the Sea (1998).url 167 bytes
  Links/Colorado Natural Splendor (1999).url 167 bytes
  Links/Breaking Through The Mist (1990).url 167 bytes
  Links/Listen To The Mockingbird (2003).url 167 bytes
  Links/Dance Of The Hummingbird (1998).url 166 bytes
  Links/Favorite Selections 2 II (1996).url 166 bytes
  Links/Christmas In The Country (1994).url 166 bytes
  Links/Natural Sleep Inducement (1998).url 166 bytes
  Links/A Celtic Christmas Story (1998).url 166 bytes
  Links/Nature Trails (1991).url 165 bytes
  Links/Pachelbel in the Garden (2003).url 165 bytes
  Links/Arctic Echoes (1996).url 165 bytes
  Links/Natural Massage Therapy (1999).url 165 bytes
  Links/Songbirds By The Stream (1999).url 165 bytes
  Links/Journey with the whales (1995).url 165 bytes
  Links/Lullabies & Butterflies (1997).url 165 bytes
  Links/What A WonderFul World (2004).url 164 bytes
  Links/Alaska (A Wild Wonder) (2001).url 164 bytes
  Links/In The Midst of Angels (2008).url 164 bytes
  Links/Rocky Mountain Retreat (2005).url 164 bytes
  Links/Memories of Summertime (2002).url 164 bytes
  Links/Guardians of Atlantis (1998).url 163 bytes
  Links/Natural Concentration (1999).url 163 bytes
  Links/Secrets Of The Jungle (1999).url 163 bytes
  Links/Natural Stress Relief (1998).url 163 bytes
  Links/Wind Beneath My Wings (2003).url 163 bytes
  Links/The Nature Of Canada (1994).url 162 bytes
  Links/Rejuvenate Naturally (2007).url 162 bytes
  Links/Volume 09; Seascapes (1985).url 162 bytes
  Links/Rocky Mountain Suite (1993).url 162 bytes
  Links/Songbirds At Sunrise (1996).url 162 bytes
  Links/Tropical Rain Forest (2005).url 162 bytes
  Links/Nature's Many Moods (2004).url 161 bytes
  Links/Songbirds at Sunset (2005).url 161 bytes
  Links/California Dreaming (2007).url 161 bytes
  Links/Favorite Selections (1994).url 161 bytes
  Links/Evening By the Lake (2007).url 161 bytes
  Links/La Nature Du Quebec (1999).url 161 bytes
  Links/Peace in the Valley (2008).url 161 bytes
  Links/Natural Meditation (2000).url 160 bytes
  Links/Garden In Provence (2002).url 160 bytes
  Links/Morning Has Broken (2002).url 160 bytes
  Links/Voices of the Land (1996).url 160 bytes
  Links/Australian Odyssey (1996).url 160 bytes
  Links/Legend Of The Wolf (1995).url 160 bytes
  Links/Christmas Classics (2000).url 160 bytes
  Links/Rhythms Of The Sea (1995).url 160 bytes
  Links/A Breath of Spring (2000).url 160 bytes
  Links/Mysterious Places (2009).url 159 bytes
  Links/Classical Romance (2000).url 159 bytes
  Links/Mediterranean spa (2009).url 159 bytes
  Links/Dolphin's Delight (1992).url 159 bytes
  Links/Great Lakes Suite (1991).url 159 bytes
  Links/Songbird Symphony (2002).url 159 bytes
  Links/The Classics 2 II (1992).url 159 bytes
  Links/Where Eagles Soar (1999).url 159 bytes
  Links/Angels of the Sea (1995).url 159 bytes
  Links/Peaceful Classics (2002).url 159 bytes
  Links/Blue Sky Classics (2008).url 159 bytes
  Links/Nurture the Soul (2006).url 158 bytes
  Links/Celtic Awakening (1997).url 158 bytes
  Links/Classical Garden (2003).url 158 bytes
  Links/Spirit of Africa (1996).url 158 bytes
  Links/Whispering Woods (1997).url 158 bytes
  Links/Songs for Sunset (2005).url 158 bytes
  Links/Stream Of Dreams (1997).url 158 bytes
  Links/Woodland Strings (2001).url 158 bytes
  Links/Brazilian Breeze (2005).url 158 bytes
  Links/Lakeside Retreat (2002).url 158 bytes
  Links/Spring Awakening (2001).url 158 bytes
  Links/Land of the Loon (1999).url 158 bytes
  Links/Christmas Wonder (1996).url 158 bytes
  Links/Relax Peacefully (2007).url 158 bytes
  Links/Soothing Massage (2002).url 158 bytes
  Links/Jazz by Twilight (1999).url 158 bytes
  Links/Moonlight Sonata (2005).url 158 bytes
  Links/Heart Of Summer (1998).url 157 bytes
  Links/Rolling Thunder (2001).url 157 bytes
  Links/Island Paradise (1996).url 157 bytes
  Links/Seaside Retreat (2002).url 157 bytes
  Links/Caribbean Dream (1999).url 157 bytes
  Links/Piano Songbirds (2003).url 157 bytes
  Links/Country Retreat (2003).url 157 bytes
  Links/Dock of the Bay (2006).url 157 bytes
  Links/Celtic Serenity (2005).url 157 bytes
  Links/Nature's Ballet (1995).url 157 bytes
  Links/Angel's Embrace (2006).url 157 bytes
  Links/Classical Bliss (2001).url 157 bytes
  Links/Algonquin Suite (1992).url 157 bytes
  Links/Natural Grooves (2005).url 157 bytes
  Links/Southwest Suite (1994).url 157 bytes
  Links/Homeward Bound (2006).url 156 bytes
  Links/Natural Beauty (1998).url 156 bytes
  Links/Relax The Body (2006).url 156 bytes
  Links/Piano Cascades (1998).url 156 bytes
  Links/Zen Relaxation (2006).url 156 bytes
  Links/Christmas Wish (1998).url 156 bytes
  Links/Precious Earth (2008).url 156 bytes
  Links/Woodland Flute (2002).url 156 bytes
  Links/Polynesian Spa (1999).url 156 bytes
  Links/Beyond The Sea (2006).url 156 bytes
  Links/Dolphin Dreams (2006).url 156 bytes
  Links/Piano Classics (2004).url 156 bytes
  Links/Thunder Spirit (1997).url 156 bytes
  Links/Island Retreat (2003).url 156 bytes
  Links/Atlantic Suite (1992).url 156 bytes
  Links/Nurturing Rain (2003).url 156 bytes
  Links/Loon Echo Lake (1995).url 156 bytes
  Links/Ocean Odyssey (2008).url 155 bytes
  Links/Woodland Harp (2000).url 155 bytes
  Links/Pacific Suite (1990).url 155 bytes
  Links/Caribbean Spa (2007).url 155 bytes
  Links/Calm the Mind (2006).url 155 bytes
  Links/Sleep Deeply (2006 ).url 155 bytes
  Links/Tranquil Cove (2003).url 155 bytes
  Links/Forest Guitar (2002).url 155 bytes
  Links/The Classics (1991).url 154 bytes
  Links/Flute Dreams (2007).url 154 bytes
  Links/Gentle World (2008).url 154 bytes
  Links/Forest Piano (1996).url 154 bytes
  Links/European Spa (2004).url 154 bytes
  Links/Siesta Beach (2002).url 154 bytes
  Links/Forest Cello (2004).url 154 bytes
  Links/Stress Free (2001).url 153 bytes
  Links/Inspiration (2008).url 153 bytes
  Links/Calming Sea (1981).url 153 bytes
  Links/Waterscapes (2000).url 153 bytes
  Links/Desert Spa (2006).url 152 bytes
  Links/Relaxation (2008).url 152 bytes
  Links/Moon River (2000).url 152 bytes
  Links/Zen Escape (2001).url 152 bytes
  Links/Luna Y Mar (2006).url 152 bytes
  Links/Stargazing (1999).url 152 bytes
  Links/Mystic Sky (2007).url 152 bytes
  Links/Piano Cove (2000).url 152 bytes
  Links/Classical (2008).url 151 bytes
  Links/Deep Blue (2003).url 151 bytes
  Links/Asian Spa (2004).url 151 bytes
  Links/Raindance (1995).url 151 bytes
  Links/Florida (1996).url 149 bytes
  Links/Harmony (1989).url 149 bytes
  Links/Cabana (2008).url 148 bytes
  Links/Bliss (2004).url 147 bytes
  Links/Yoga (1999).url 146 bytes
  Links/Spa (2008).url 145 bytes
  LINK LIST.txt 16.0 KB
  Dan Gibson's Solitudes (Full Discography) Covers for 5 MP3-DVDs.url 198 bytes

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