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Nickelback - iTunes Discography (Size: 664.2 MB)
  Albums/1996 - Curb/01 Little Friend.m4a 7.7 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/02 Pusher.m4a 8.0 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/03 Detangler.m4a 7.4 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/04 Curb.m4a 9.6 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/05 Where_.m4a 8.8 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/06 Falls Back On.m4a 6.0 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/07 Sea Groove.m4a 7.9 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/08 Fly.m4a 5.8 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/09 Just Four.m4a 7.8 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/10 Left.m4a 8.1 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/11 Window Shopper.m4a 7.4 MB
  Albums/1996 - Curb/12 I Don't Have.m4a 8.2 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/01 Breathe.m4a 7.9 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/02 Cowboy Hat.m4a 7.8 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/03 Leader of Men.m4a 7.0 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/04 Old Enough.m4a 5.7 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/05 Worthy to Say.m4a 8.1 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/06 Diggin' This.m4a 6.2 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/07 Deep.m4a 5.7 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/08 One Last Run.m4a 7.0 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/09 Not Leavin' Yet.m4a 7.5 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/10 Hold Out Your Hand.m4a 8.2 MB
  Albums/2000 - The State/11 Leader of Men (Acoustic).m4a 6.9 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/01 Never Again.m4a 8.7 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/02 How You Remind Me.m4a 7.4 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/03 Woke Up This Morning.m4a 7.7 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/04 Too Bad.m4a 7.6 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/05 Just For.m4a 8.1 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/06 Hollywood.m4a 6.3 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/07 Money Bought.m4a 6.9 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/08 Where Do I Hide.m4a 7.3 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/09 Hangnail.m4a 7.8 MB
  Albums/2001 - Silver Side Up/10 Good Times Gone.m4a 10.4 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/01 Flat On the Floor.m4a 4.3 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/02 Do This Anymore.m4a 8.0 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/03 Someday (Single Mix).m4a 6.9 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/04 Believe It or Not.m4a 8.2 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/05 Feelin' Way Too Damn Good.m4a 8.5 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/06 Because of You.m4a 7.1 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/07 Figured You Out.m4a 7.6 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/08 Should've Listened.m4a 7.4 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/09 Throw Yourself Away.m4a 7.8 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/10 Another Hole In the Head.m4a 7.2 MB
  Albums/2003 - The Long Road/11 See You At the Show.m4a 8.0 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/01 Follow You Home.m4a 8.5 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/02 Fight for All the Wrong Reasons.m4a 7.5 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/03 Photograph.m4a 8.6 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/04 Animals.m4a 6.3 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/05 Savin' Me.m4a 7.3 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/06 Far Away.m4a 7.9 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/07 Next Contestant.m4a 7.1 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/08 Side of a Bullet.m4a 6.1 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/09 If Everyone Cared.m4a 7.2 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/10 Someone That You're With.m4a 8.0 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/11 Rockstar.m4a 8.4 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/12 Photograph (Live In Atlanta).m4a 9.2 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/13 Animals (Live In Atlanta).m4a 7.7 MB
  Albums/2005 - All the Right Reasons (Bonus Track Version)/14 Follow You Home (Live In Atlanta).m4a 9.2 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/01 Something In Your Mouth.m4a 7.3 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/02 Burn It to the Ground.m4a 7.1 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/03 Gotta Be Somebody.m4a 8.3 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/04 I'd Come for You.m4a 8.6 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/05 Next Go Round.m4a 7.5 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/06 Just to Get High.m4a 8.1 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/07 Never Gonna Be Alone.m4a 7.6 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/08 Shakin' Hands.m4a 7.3 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/09 S.E.X..m4a 7.8 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/10 If Today Was Your Last Day.m4a 8.2 MB
  Albums/2008 - Dark Horse/11 This Afternoon.m4a 9.1 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/01 This Means War.m4a 7.0 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/02 Bottoms Up.m4a 7.6 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/03 When We Stand Together.m4a 6.7 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/04 Midnight Queen.m4a 6.8 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/05 Gotta Get Me Some.m4a 7.6 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/06 Lullaby.m4a 7.6 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/07 Kiss It Goodbye.m4a 7.4 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/08 Trying Not to Love You.m4a 8.8 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/09 Holding On to Heaven.m4a 8.0 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/10 Everything I Wanna Do.m4a 7.2 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/11 Don't Ever Let It End.m4a 7.8 MB
  Albums/2011 - Here and Now (Special Edition)/12 When We Stand Together.m4v 42.2 MB
  Singles/2011 - Bottoms Up/01 Bottoms Up.m4a 7.4 MB
  Singles/2011 - When We Stand Together/01 When We Stand Together.m4a 6.5 MB

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